Life at Huantai Experimental School….

Over the past few days Mr Goldsmith and I have had the pleasure of visiting and teaching in two other schools in Zibo, sharing our expertise and gaining lots from the schools…..



Huantai Experimental Middle School, Zibo, China

Currently myself and Mr Goldsmith are at our partner school in Zibo. Today we have both taught and observed lessons and I have visited the weekly clubs run for Grades 1 and 2. Have a look at the pictures of our visit to China so far…….


Communal Art Wall

I hope you have all enjoyed our Arts Showcase week so far. The biggest success has been the communal arts board situated in Glenmoor Reception. On the first day our board had been completed with doodles. imagery and words.

personalPicture 226

So, we have created another wall and have asked people to fill the frames with inspiring, quirky and creative drawings.Please come along and have a go.



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What can the ’80s say to us today?

Rubiks Cube, Band Aid and Deacon Blue’s ‘Dignity’ - 3 things from the 1980′s.  The Rubik’s Cube is still a mathematical challenge (and one which I have not had the time to complete lately!).  Band Aid was repeated 20 years later, (and there is still starvation in the world). Deacon Blue’s ‘Dignity’ was part of the ERS learning for Year 10 students last week.

After asking what moral lessons can be learnt from this song and which religion they follow, I played the video (, sang along quietly and then waited for responses.

“It’s about Dignity!”  “It’s about how we see different jobs.”  “It’s like the starter when we ranked different jobs.”

“It’s about saving your money so you can buy what you want rather than getting into debt.”

“I think they are Christians who believe in God because they talk about faith.”

YES!  The ’80s do still have something to teach us today!

Showcase Work Highlights

For Showcase Week we are selecting students artwork of the day and exhibiting it in Glenmoor Reception area. Our students are very talented and its a great opportunity to be able to show off and celebrate students hard work and achievement.

Please come and have a look at our talented students work.


‘Dot Obliteration’ by Year 7


For Arts week my Year 7 students collaborated together to produce an art installation inspired by the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.


Kusama is best known for her brilliantly coloured dotted surfaces, creating environments that people appreciate and enjoy. For Kusama, the dot comes from her experiences as a young child, almost sort of hallucinogenic experiences, where her vision of landscape and people was clouded by spots. Her way of covering the surface of things is a reflection of her vision, but it’s also a way of embracing the whole world in a kind of overall pattern.

Year 7 produced their installation by covering or ‘obliterating’ the reception area at Glenmoor school with dots of many sizes. Students have been looking at colour theory this term and had to consider the use of complementary colours when applying the coloured dots. As you can see from the photos below, the reception was transformed into a colourful area and it has had a positive impact on those who have already experienced the dot obliteration.


ABOVE: ‘Dot Obliteration’ installation designed by Kusama for The Tate.

personalPicture 221personalPicture 205

personalPicture 211

personalPicture 216



Lucy + Jorge Orta ‘Potential Architecture’ Arts Workshop



The Arts University Bournemouth invited Year 9 students to view the ‘Potential Architecture’ exhibition at the university and to produce 3D art in response to the work.


The exhibition brings together new work: sculpture, drawings and models created by Lucy + Jorge Orta during their research on new organic and modular architecture. They view architecture as a reflection of the process that the human cell undertakes from its embryonic state, to a defined cell structural organism, the wonderful building block of our body. The Orta’s work represents a more permanent proposal for sculpture and interventions in urban space.


Students had an opportunity to view and discuss the exhibition. They were then asked to make a series of studies from the artwork and discuss what observations they had made. From this work, students collaborated together to produce their own architectural structures using a range of materials.


Students work will be exhibited during our Arts Showcase Week, so please come and see the fantastic results of the workshop.

Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 003 Picture 008 Picture 016 Picture 025 Picture 026 Picture 027 Picture 031 Picture 032 Picture 058 Picture 049 Picture 013 Picture 046



Candles, Lanterns & Rangoli

Diwali - Rangoli Image 3
The 5th November is traditionally about Bonfires and Fireworks – a great British celebration.  Today, it was also about a great Hindu celebration – that of Diwali.
At Glenmoor and Winton, the Ethical & Religious Studies department put on a lunchtime Diwali experience open to all students to attend. There was the opportunity to make paper lanterns and tea-light patterns (it was a shame the wind kept blowing them out!) to remember the story of the rescue of the goddess Sita by her husband Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman.
Students were able to create chalk Rangoli patterns, which are now on display in the entrance of the Brundle E&RS Centre. (See photo.)
Over 60 students also helped Rama and Sita ‘find their way home’ through a maze, with Karim Serag of 7COR selected as the winner of the huge bar of chocolate.
It’s been interesting to have 2 traditions coming together on the same day.  Many students will have their firework celebrations and it’s been great to expand their horizons to a similar yet different celebration on the same day.
We are looking forward to the next E&RS lunchtime event in the Brundle E&RS Centre soon.


Year 11 Photography students have been exploring the theme of Fusion for their photography coursework. They have been looking at various artists work for inspiration with combining different media with photography. Recently they have looked at the work of Ellen Gallagher who appropriates images from magazines aimed at African American women, many of them suggesting the use of prosthetic enhancements to diminish blackness. She has developed her own visual language by collaging a range of materials onto the surfaces, including plasticine, rubber and coconut oil.

 AxMEWork by Ellen Gallagher.

Below, work produced by students using plasticine and adverts inspired by Gallagher.



Pictures Can Tell A 1000 Words

Appreciating art has never been top of my ‘things to do before I die’ list! So it was with a bit of an ‘Oh no’ that I walked into one of the Wednesday morning best-practice briefings. On display boards all around the hall was GCSE art work from both Winton and Glenmoor.

With the instruction to ‘browse’, I obeyed and soon found myself engrossed in what the students were trying to say through their art.  Having taught nearly all the Year 11 boys at some point in their time at Winton, and thinking about their personalities, attitudes and writing abilities that I have experienced in ES lessons, it was fascinating to see a very different style of work from them.  I received a new appreciation of the ability of some of the boys and their expressing of their beliefs and world views through their art.

After the briefing, there was one piece of art work that I expressed an interest in having in the new Ethical & Religious Studies Building, if the student doesn’t want it.  I’ve also thought again about how to engage students using different learning styles.

As for appreciating art, the Louve is now on our list of things to do while on holiday this summer!